How Bachao Works

Bachao is a B2B wholesale website.

Bachao is a B2B wholesale website. This means buyers can buy directly from international factories and also from local manufacturers in Pakistan, at the cheapest rates, while customs duties and shipping costs to your doorstep delivery are already covered in the pricing, thus there are no hidden charges.

Bachao is supporting its Customer-Base through two methods, Bachao Daily Deals (BDD) and Bachao-On-Demand (BOD) services.

Bachao Daily Deals (BDD) is a unique hot products deal, which can be sold like hot cakes and anyone who steps into business with these products is bound to hit big in business. The team of digital marketing & trending products experts at Bachao, hunt these products daily. All Daily Deals products are only available for 24 hours. Orders can only be placed during these 24 hours. Bachao is enabling the average Pakistani to earn in e-commerce. That is the reason; we are the first and foremost platform to bring the minimum order quantity to 20 units only so that everyone can start an online business. All deals expire after 24 hours; however, products in past deals may be sourced through Bachao-On-Demand (BOD) service, but their minimum order quantities elevate.  

Bachao-On-Demand (BOD) is Pakistan’s first end-to-end trading service. Whether you need a hundred units or a full container load, the Bachao Sourcing team is there to protect you. Bachao-On-Demand service finds the product you are looking for, sources for you, negotiates for you, transports for you, and delivers at your doorstep. Bachao-On-Demand (BOD) is for entrepreneurs and business owners who buy in large quantities.

The third option of using Bachao is through its Bachao membership. Bachao Members are the inside group of Bachao users. Bachao has created an amazing fraternity for its core users, whereby by paying an annual membership fee the Bachao members get e-commerce training and specialist support from the team of experts for their online ads and marketing, but most importantly, the Bachao members get BACHAO GUARANTEE. The Bachao Guarantee is for Bachao Daily Deals (BDD) products. It guarantees that if any Bachao Bachao member buys through Bachao Daily Deals and the Bachao member is unable to sell it even after 30 days of receiving the product, Bachao will buy back the complete product from the Bachao members. This guarantee is in addition to the 7 days check warranty. Amazing, Right? Yes, we know it, that’s why Bachao is the best platform to start your business online.

But that’s not all. All Bachao members are also provided with lifetime access to Imtinan Ahmad’s flagship program ‘Mastery in Ecommerce & Digital Marketing and the No One Left Behind (NOLB) Program. This amazing program helps Bachao members in enhancing their learning and setting their business apart from their competitors.

So, without much ado, start using Bachao and open your FREE account TODAY!

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