Join the thriving community of 2,200+ satisfied Entrepreneurs in Pakistan who rely on Bachao for their international sourcing. At Bachao.pk, our primary mission is to empower our customers, the majority of whom are online sellers, to source products from China at heavily discounted rates. Our seamless process revolves around delivering unparalleled value and efficiency, ensuring that you can bring remarkable savings to your business. Here’s an inside look at how Bachao works:

Step 1

Your Request ⟶

It all begins when you, our valued customer, approach us with your sourcing needs. Whether you’re in search of competitive pricing for your online store or looking to launch a new product line, we’re here to make it happen.

Step 2

Negotiation and Pricing

Our dedicated China team steps into action, armed with extensive experience and industry insights. We enter negotiations with Chinese factories to secure the best possible prices for your desired products. We leave no stone unturned, striving to provide you with unbeatable rates that align with your budget and business objectives.

Step 3

Price and Minimum Order Quantity

Once we’ve hammered out the finest deals, we swiftly communicate the negotiated prices and minimum order quantities to you. This transparency allows you to evaluate the financial feasibility of your sourcing endeavor, ensuring you’re always in control of your choices.

Step 4

Sample Order

To offer you complete peace of mind, we facilitate the procurement of product samples. Upon your request, we purchase these samples and arrange their expedited delivery via air shipping. This step empowers you to assess the quality and suitability of the products firsthand, ensuring they meet your standards.

Step 5

Full Order and Sea Import ⟶

Once you’re satisfied with the product samples and give us the green light, Bachao takes the reins. We place the full order with the factory on your behalf. To optimize cost savings, we organize the import of your products through sea transportation, a more cost-effective option compared to air shipping. This strategic move not only ensures affordability but also enhances your profit margins.

Step 6

Delivering Savings

As your trusted partner, Bachao doesn’t stop at sourcing. We extend our commitment to cost-efficiency by orchestrating a streamlined sea import process. By selecting sea transportation, we create substantial savings in shipping costs, further enhancing the value you receive from Bachao.
In essence, Bachao.pk is not just a sourcing service; it’s a comprehensive solution that combines the power of negotiation, sampling, and cost-effective logistics to empower your business with a competitive edge. We’re here to save you both time and money, enabling your venture to thrive in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have harnessed the potential of Bachao.pk and transformed their businesses for the better. Your success story starts here.


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We’ll Hunt Down and Buy Your Desired Products in China, Then Swiftly Deliver Them to Your Doorstep. Bachao.pk is your global sourcing and speedy delivery superstar. Unbeatable prices, unwavering quality, lightning-fast deliveries, no hidden fees, and simply the finest shipping rates. Experience the magic of international sourcing, done the Bachao way.