Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits do I get by being a Bachao Member?

When you become a member, you get instant access to hot trending products that our team adds onto the platform for all of our members on a daily basis. You get to learn what’s hot & trending and the exact wholesale prices of the said products in China. Moreover, you get instant access to the state-of-art trainings that help you learn & launch your business. You also get instant access to China’s top sourcing agents & quality inspection companies. In addition, Bachao provides discounted shipping rates to its members for their freight services. In short, we offer one-stop solution for your business to all members.

How long the membership lasts? Do I need to pay membership every year?

Bachao membership is for lifetime and there is no time limit or expiry date. You don’t need to pay every year since this is one time only. The benefits and perks are there for the lifetime and you can keep enjoying till we serve the market.

Which trainings are included in membership?

On a regular basis, we keep adding trainings that are beneficial for our members. We keep on updating new learning topics and collaborate with the subject experts periodically. Currently, the trainings that are added in the members dashboard include significant modules. These are: i). How Import Works, ii). Shopify Web Store Development, iii). Daraz E-commerce Success, iv). Product Hunting Strategies, v). Retail Brand Launch, vii). Markaz Reseller Platform Training.

Does Bachao make money through membership?

Bachao is primarily a cross-border shipping company. We make our profits by providing shipping services. The membership fee is neither a money-making product nor it is intended to do so. The benefits provided to Bachao members under our membership services cost us dearly. This includes the regular updating of the training programs, selection and finalization of hot & trending products after detailed deliberations & research, adding hot & trending products on a daily basis, selection of the sourcing agents & inspection service providers, or even the discounts that are being offered to the members in shipping. All of these cost us a lot. Some of this cost is being covered through the membership fee whilst the rest is being supported through our shipping services profits. Yet Bachao aims to keep serving its members for one simple reason. We want to create a one-stop solution in Pakistan where doing business, sourcing products & freight management becomes easy for entrepreneurs.

Do I get access to top trending products as a member?

Yes, you get unlimited access to the hot & trending products that are being updated on the website on a daily basis. These products are uploaded in the members dashboard and as a member you can access them when you want and as many times as you want.

What if I have questions before joining the membership?

Certainly, we would be more than happy to assist you if you have any queries. You can always reach out to the team and ask as many questions as you want. Most of the questions that you may have, are already explained in the FAQs and in the videos on our website However, you can still reach out to us via phone call by dialing our UAN Number: 03311110591

Can I try before joining the membership?

Of course, you can. That’s what sets us apart in the market. You can open a FREE account and access the products that are available in free account, along with some training lectures that are open for all. Once you are satisfied, then just follow the instructions given on the Membership page to join and get access instantly.

Do I get a discount in shipping cost as a member?

Yes, you do. All of our members get straight 15% discount on the prevalent shipping rates between China and Pakistan. This feature is also lifetime and once you join as a member, you can avail the discounted shipping rates for as many times as you want.

How to become a member?

To join Bachao as a member, simply follow the instructions that are given on the Membership page. These are self-explanatory instructions and you can easily follow them. However, if you face any difficulty in doing so, then please feel free to call us. We would love to support you. We are reachable on our UAN Number: 03311110591

I have paid the membership fee; how soon can I get access to benefits?

When you pay the membership fee, you are automatically routed to the member login page and the member dashboard. Sometimes, we take this process manually to ensure the process is smooth and user friendly. Please feel free to contact us in case you didn’t get instant access. Our UAN Number is: 03311110591

Which trainings are included in the membership?

Your member dashboard includes trainings on: i). How Import Works, ii). Shopify Web Store Development, iii). Daraz E-commerce Success, iv). Product Hunting Strategies, v). Retail Brand Launch, vii). Reseller Platform Training. viii). 1688 App training. ix). Pinduodduo App Training. x). Taobao App Training.

Does Bachao add new trainings into member dashboard?

Regularly, we add new trainings in your member dashboard. We aim to make things simple to understand and add only those trainings that are extremely useful for our members. Also, we do add trainings that are high in demand and we think that members can benefit from them being added to the platform. Keep checking your member dashboard for updated & upcoming trainings.

Are the training lectures already online?

All training lectures are already uploaded in the member dashboard. Please login into your account to access them. On rare occasions, when we are updating any particular lecture or a training program, that particular lecture or the training program may not be available for a short time in your dashboard, however, this only happens for a few hours only in a couple of months. We do this to ensure that all the trainings we are providing are up to date and are helpful for our members.

Will Bachao charge extra for any new trainings to be added in the future?

We do not charge even a single penny for any new trainings. All new trainings get updated in the member dashboard and are easily accessible for all Bachao members. Once you have paid the membership fee which is one-time, all membership benefits are open for you for the lifetime.

Is there support available for trainings?

Yes, you get instant access to support team through chatrooms available in your lecture environment. Simply click and ask your question. Also, keep in mind that sometimes due to huge surge in traffic, the support team may ask you to give them some time to revert back to you. This only happens when we get too much traffic on the website and there is a long queue. In such a situation, we would request you to cooperate with the team and we will resolve the query as soon as we can.

How can I get support in trainings as a member?

We provide support chatrooms in your training environment. When you login into your member dashboard and click on the training tab, at the bottom right corner, you will see the chat functionality. By clicking the chatroom, you will be connected by our support team who would answer your questions.

Do you provide live or campus training?

We do not provide live or on-campus trainings for a simple reason. We strongly believe that we all learn more when the lectures are pre-recorded. In case where the trainings are campus based, you can only ask questions when you are attending the campus or you are present at the venue. This limits your learning capabilities. Moreover, in live lectures, the same scenario is repeated and you can’t ask questions after the live sessions. Whereas, Bachao provides pre-recorded lectures so that you can ask as many questions as you want and when you want to the support team in chatrooms. Thus, we ensure that we are available to help you learn in every possible manner. Moreover, since most of our members are busy professionals and overseas Pakistanis, so learning online in pre-recorded lectures is much easier. If you aim to do an online business and can’t learn online, then this is certainly not for you.

What if I only want to launch an offline business, how to get training for that?

We have got you covered. Retail branding is a significant learning area and you can create a great business by focusing on retail market. Bachao has covered this need and we have uploaded a complete training on how to launch your brand in retail market. This training is available in your member dashboard and you can access it by clicking on the Trainings tab in your dashboard.

Why is membership fee non-refundable?

The membership fee gives you instant access to hot & trending products that our team has added after thorough research & discussions with Chinese manufacturers. Also, you get instant access to trainings too. This opens us to the risk of fraud and as a serious company, we aim to eliminate this risk to the best of our endeavours. Moreover, we know sometimes, people need to try before they can join. To cover this element, we have already opened the access to some training lecture and hot products for you to see & decide. Just try our website as a visitor. Yes, there would be limited services open however, they will give you a good understanding of the full flair of membership. Once you are satisfied, then feel free to join as a member. Membership details and the steps are mentioned on Membership page.

How soon can I get access to trainings if I pay the membership fee now?

When you join as a member, you get instant access to the trainings, hot products, sourcing agents’ data, quality inspectors’ data and much more. You don’t need to wait; the access is instantaneous and saves your time. At the same time, if you feel a delay, then please feel free to speak with one of our representatives over the phone. You can reach out to us on our UAN Number: 03311110591

How & how often Bachao adds hot products in the member dashboard?

Hot & trending products are being added to the member dashboard on a daily basis. Behind adding these products and business ideas to the platform, we undergo a huge list of operations and steps. These steps include speaking with the Chinese factories, calculating the sales numbers, projecting the future sales, seeing the sales potential in Pakistani market & in UAE market and then we list them to the website. Yet, we are working at our optimum speed and that enables us to add those trending products and business ideas to the member dashboard.

Are the products trending in Pakistan or in China?

The hot & trending products that we add on the website are trending in China and have a huge sales potential in Pakistan. The sales numbers we add on the product listings are the sales numbers of that particular product in China. China, being the largest manufacturer in the world produces newly invented, hot selling and remarkable products. Thus, anything new that is going to come to Pakistan or in UAE market has a Chinese manufacturer at the backend. Bachao, having its presence in China is connected to the Chinese factories and gets to know first what’s new and trending. That’s why we are the pioneers in introducing many unique and trending products to Pakistan and by doing so, we enable our members to build a great business for themselves.

Will Bachao source these products for me?

Bachao is a leading cross-border shipping company and ships product from China to Pakistan to your doorsteps. We also recommend hot & trending products, we teach & provide our members with the state-of-art trainings, we connect our members with China’s leading sourcing agents, we also provide discounted shipping rates to our members. In an ideal sense, Bachao is not a sourcing company, however, we teach how to source from 1688, Pinduoduo, connects you with sourcing agents and supports you in sourcing at the cheapest possible rates. In short, you can say that rather giving you a fish, we teach you how to fish and make you independent.

What if I only want just a few products in testing phase?

Why not. We understand that testing is an important phase and can’t be skipped. That’s why we recommend to take a few units as samples and see the market before ordering in bulk quantities. However, you must note that we link you with the top sourcing agents, so even if your quantities are less, or they are samples only, then you can directly discuss it with them. Some sourcing agents may have an MOQ requirement, however, you can update them that you are ordering samples. Likewise, when it comes to air shipping, the minimum MOQ is 1 KG and for the road logistics between China and Pakistan, Bachao is the first company that has introduced the MOQ as low as 5 KGs.

How can I get access to the top sourcing agents in China?

When you become a member, you login into your member dashboard and click on Sourcing Agents tab. Under this tab, you get contact details and points of contact for each sourcing agent. This process makes it easy for you to always stay in touch with leading sourcing agents in China, without losing any contact. Just login into your member account and click on Sourcing Agents tab.

Prices seem cheap, is this real?

Yes, the prices are real. Every listing on Bachao comes with its real link. Some listings have 1688 link, whilst some have Pinduoduo link. This tells you exactly the wholesale prices in China and enables you to save big time. Also, please note that at this stage, knowing 1688, Pinduoduo, Taobao etc., would be significant. That’s why we have added detailed trainings on these platforms in your member dashboard.

Can I get access to quality inspectors for checking the product quality?

Yes, as a member you can. All you need to do is to log onto your member dashboard and click on the tab ‘Quality Inspection’. This tab links you up with the leading product quality inspection companies in China. You can hire any of them and get your products quality inspected at low cost.

In which categories does Bachao add hot products?

We add hot & trending products in almost all categories. Our team performs and extensive research in finalizing hat is hot, trending with huge sales and great sales potential in Pakistan & UAE. There is no hard & fast rule that we need to add a fix number of products in each category, rather we focus on what has a potential and current sales volume. Whilst doing so, the products can be from varied categories.

What if I want to source something that’s not in hot products?

Certainly, you can. Since we teach 1688 sourcing, Pinduoduo sourcing, so you can source directly from these platforms using sourcing agents. You are free to source anything under the sun that you want. The beauty is that we enable you to source directly from 1688, Pinduoduo and sourcing agents, thus, helping you save a ton of money that you would have otherwise wasted buying through middlemen on Alibaba.

Will I have lifetime access to these hot products?

Yes, you would have lifetime access to the platform. We add hot & trending products on a daily basis and you can always come back to the website to see what’s new. However, we suggest you to check out the hot products on a daily basis because we not only add new products daily, but we also delete many products that are not trending anymore. So, checking out on a daily basis is significant for your business.

What is a sourcing agent & how do they work?

When you want to buy cheap from China, 1688 and Pinduoduo are the leading apps that you can search your dream products from. You can even translate the apps in English using Google Lens and Google Translate. However, the problem comes up when you want to place an order. These apps do not deliver outside China and do not take overseas payments. Hence, you need a sourcing agent that will purchase on your behalf. Since these sourcing agents are profitable companies, so they would charge you a cost as well. Most of the sourcing agents operate anywhere between 5% to 15% of your actual invoice value. So, even when you add their cost in the product cost, you still get extremely cheap rates. We have added multiple trust-worthy sourcing agents in your member dashboard for you. Now, the last problem that you may face will be to get deliveries to your doorsteps, which is technically outside China. This is where Bachao covers you since we are a leading cross-border shipping company.

What about the trust when it comes to the sourcing agent?

Most of the sourcing agents that we have added in our member dashboard are the ones we have already worked with. However, the trust is a critical item and no one can guarantee of any mishaps, nor can we. The best option is to do a small transaction, build up on that and then do major transactions with them when you are satisfied. Business is about risk in anyway and you must only take the risk that you can afford.

Does sourcing agent charge for their services?

Sourcing agents are for-profit companies and they do charge a percentage of the invoice value. Suppose, you are buying goods worth RMB 1,000 and the said sourcing agent operates at 5% sourcing commission, then in this case, the sourcing agent would charge you RMB 50 for their services. Hence, your bill would be RMB 1,050.

What’s the average cost of a sourcing agent?

Most of the sourcing agents charge anywhere in between 5% to 15%. You may check the rates already added for each sourcing agent in the member dashboard. You must note that there is always a chance to negotiate since you know the exact cost of sourcing and you will see that most of the sourcing agents will cooperate since Chinese mean business.

What if I want to work with different sourcing agents?

You can certainly work with as many sourcing agents as you want. There is no set criteria to work with any particular one. Nor you are in contract with anyone. That’s why we have added multiple sourcing agents in the member dashboard so that you have varied options available for you when you want to do business with anyone of them.

Can the sourcing agents find for me products not on Bachao?

Of course, the sourcing agents can do that for you. However, may be for some products the manufacturer has a set minimum order quantity. If the manufacturer has a criterion like that, the sourcing agent would update you to increase your order size equal or more to the minimum order quantity.

Does the sourcing agent require any minimum quantities?

The sourcing agents actually do not have a minimum order quantity criteria. The MOQ criteria is by the manufacturer or the wholesaler in China who offers highly discounted rates on a particular quantity order. The sourcing agent you decide to work with will update you if there is a set quantity requirement for the product that you want to order.

What if I choose my own sourcing agent myself?

Sure, you can. For our members there is no binding rule that you have to work with our recommended sourcing agents. These sourcing agents are being recommended to make the choices easier for you and to give you ease of business. We neither support any sourcing agent, nor we take a commission or incentive from the sourcing agents to be on our database.

Will I get access to China’s leading sourcing agents as a member?

Yes, you will. Once you join as a member, you get instant access to member dashboard. Within the member dashboard, all sourcing agents prior vetted by us are added and you can access their contact details from there on a single click. We do not hide any information of the sourcing agents from our members to ensure you get ease in your business operations.

Can I get access to the sourcing agents that Bachao may add in the future?

Yes, as a member you get access to all current and future sourcing agents that we would add in our member dashboard. This ensures that you have all the time access to the right business partners. This goes without saying that we will keep adding and also keep removing many sourcing agents based on our internal quality standards.

Shipping is a big problem from China. Does Bachao provide this service?

Bachao is a cross-border shipping company and this is exactly our forte. We ship using road logistics, ocean logistics and air logistics between China and Pakistan. Even further, we specialize in road logistics bringing speed and cost differentials to all our customers. Our freight & shipping services are open for all and you do not need to be a Bachao member to avail our shipping services. However, as a member you can enjoy substantial discounts in shipping charges over time.

Which shipping means Bachao covers & what does it specialize in?

Bachao covers road, ocean and air logistics between China and Pakistan. Having said that, we specialize in road logistics since by-road cargo brings efficiency and cost-effectiveness to our customers. Through road logistics, we help our customers save time and money which eventually translates into more profits for our customers.

Do I need to worry about the custom clearance for my shipping?

As a leading cross-border shipping company, we are pioneers in offering end to end logistics solution. This means that when you purchase in China, all you need to do is to ask your supplier to send the goods to Bachao’s China warehouse, and that’s it. We will move the goods, manage export clearance in China, undergo freight costs, clear custom duties and taxes and deliver goods right to your doorsteps. So, to answer your question, no you don’t need to worry about custom clearance since we offer end to end logistics services to you.

If I am not a member, can I get shipping service?

Yes, you can. Bachao shipping services are open for all. You don’t need to be a member to avail our shipping services. However, if you are a member, then you can get 15% discount on all your current and future shipping charges. Thus, the one-time membership is really helpful and beneficial yet you don’t need to be a member to avail our shipping services.

As a Bachao member, can I get any benefits in shipping services?

You can get 15% discount on all current & future shipping orders. We cover our members with the best of services and reduction in shipping rates is one of them. On a long run, you get to save a lot since this 15% discount in prevalent shipping rates is not time-specific. That’s why being a member is fruitful, yet not necessary to avail our shipping services.

Where do I need to send my goods for shipping through Bachao?

You need to send the goods to one of our warehouses in China. You can send the goods to either of these cities ‘warehouses i.e., Kasghar, Yiwu, Shenzhen & Guangzhou. However, please note that our team only asks you to send to a warehouse that is ideally closer to your supplier or the one where we are loading the goods. Thus, we try our best to bring speed & efficiency to your supply chain.

How will Bachao know which goods are mine?

When you place a shipping order with us, our team issues a Shipping Mark. This is a statement of line that your supplier will print out and put it on the cartons for you. This line is commonly known as ‘Shipping Mark’ and gives a unique identification to your goods. This enables us to track the cargo in our warehouse. Plus, when you send the goods to our warehouse, we know from the tracking number that these said goods belong to you. So, rest assured we have got you covered.

When do I need to pay for the shipping charges?

We do not charge for shipping services in advance like many others. You only need to pay when your goods arrive in Pakistan and are custom cleared. Nobody likes surprises in business, nor do we. That’s the reason we keep our processes as simple and effective as we can. Instead of paying upfront, you can use the funds in your business growth and pay us only when your goods arrive in Pakistan and are custom cleared.

Will there be any surprise costs in shipping?

Nobody likes surprises in business, nor do we. We avoid such surprises as much as we can. At Bachao, we guarantee that we will never ask for unwanted price hikes, or additional undue costs, whatsoever. This gives simplicity to the business and helps you in planning your funds accordingly.

What if there are delays in shipping?

We work at an optimum speed and we have enhanced our operational efficiency. When you place a shipping order with us, you can rest assured that we are behind your cargo every minute every day. However, sometimes there are situations that are beyond our control. These include strike at the port or port closure for holidays. In such situations, you must wait for things to resolve since there is no other remedy available to resolve this. Our team will keep you posted if such a rare situation ever happens.

At what time can I contact Bachao team?

You can contact anytime from Monday to Saturday between 9 am to 6 pm. These are our official working hours. We do not entertain WhatsApp messages since there are too many of them and most of them are from non-serious individuals. If you have serious inquiry, then please feel free to call our UAN Number: 03311110591

Where is your office located?

Our headoffice address is: 3rd Floor, Csresent Heights, Above Soneri Bank, Civic Centre, Phase 4, Bahria Town, Islamabad

How can I find out the shipping charges for my product?

Every product has a different HS Code and is being treated by Pakistan customs with different custom duty structure. It’s hard to tell without knowing the product. That’s why we request our customers to share complete product details with us including the product dimensions, CBM, actual weight, quantities and port of departure. This helps us in calculating the duties and give our customers bespoke shipping charges. So, instead of guessing, the best advice is to contact the team on our UAN Number: 03311110591 and our team would be more than happy to assist you.