Bachao, birthed by the visionary Imtinan Ahmad, Pakistan’s trailblazing entrepreneur, advocates for business ease and empowers young minds to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Meet Pakistan’s Visionary Business Mentor, Imtinan Ahmad!

Imtinan Ahmad is Pakistan’s top business genius who particularly helps aspiring individuals in launching their businesses. He has multiple business interests in trading, food & beverages, imports, education, real estate, e-commerce, e-Learning, and corporate services industries.

Just four years ago, the business world was in chaos. Aspiring entrepreneurs faced endless challenges when shipping from China. Local freight companies shrugged off entrepreneurs, leaving them stranded in a sea of high prices. Not only that, Chinese shipping companies charge exhorbitant prices when it comes to shipping to Pakistan. Plus, it’s really next to impossible to understand the custom duties in Pakistan. The process of importing seemed as complicated as rocket science.

Imtinan Ahmad heard your cries and sprang into action by introducing, the game-changer in the world of shipping. Imtinan’s brainchild,, empowers young entrepreneurs by shipping for them from China’s top-tier factories, unlocking unbeatable prices. And the best part? It all arrives right at your doorstep, be it in Pakistan, Amazon warehouses, or anywhere around the globe.

Ready to seize the future of your business? is your partners in success, making your entrepreneurial dreams a reality!”

Bachao !!! Pakistan’s Leading Cross Border Shipping Company .

Bachao, birthed by the visionary Imtinan Ahmad, Pakistan’s trailblazing entrepreneur, advocates for business ease and empowers young minds to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Waqt Bachao ! Paisa Bachao!

Originally, Bachao emerged as a solution for Pakistani entrepreneurs seeking to ship from various Chinese suppliers, eliminating the need to pay exorbitant shipping costs. This ingenious concept quickly blossomed, transforming Bachao into Pakistan’s pioneering cross-border shipping company, connecting Chinese retail channels with elated Pakistani entrepreneurs.

For over 4 years, Bachao has been the trusted shipping company, delivering simplicity and reliability right to the doorsteps of countless consumers across Pakistan. With over 2,200+ satisfied users, we offer a streamlined and affordable shipping experience.

We are here to simplify your Chinese shipping experience. Bachao empowers you to effortlessly shop from multiple Chinese stores with a single checkout, saving you tons on shipping costs to Pakistan and international shipping costs. Your items will be expertly packed and shipped to your doorstep once your package arrives in Pakistan.



At Bachao, We’re on a Mission to Revolutionize Cross-Border E-Commerce in Pakistan, So You Can Reclaim Your Time and Money. Why empty your pockets on fake freight companies that don’t really deliver. when you can access top-notch quality services and slash your expenses? That’s the Bachao way – Saving Time, Saving Money aka “Waqt Bachao – Paisay Bachao”.

Streamlining Your Shipping Experience!

At Bachao, our dedicated team in China collaborates directly with top-tier shipping carriers, securing incredible rates for your business. Get ready to skyrocket your profits through savvy shipping.

Seamless Shipping & Customs Solutions!

Bachao takes the reins when it comes to export clearance in China, oversees both express courier, road and sea cargo transit, and handles customs clearance in Pakistan. Your business deserves your undivided attention – let us manage the logistics!

Delivering Right to Your Doorstep!

Bachao goes above and beyond, ensuring your delivery reaches every nook and cranny of Pakistan. Sit back and relax with confidence as you engage with a truly innovative company. Did you know that Bachao is your all-in-one destination for these vital services in Pakistan?


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For over 4 years, Bachao has been the trusted cross border shipping company

Bringing Effortless shipping and Reliability to Your Doorstep!” With a track record of satisfying over 2,200 users, we provide a straightforward and budget-friendly shipping solution.

“Transforming Your Chinese Online Shopping Experience” Bachao is your go-to for simplifying your Chinese online shopping journey. We enable you to shop seamlessly from multiple Chinese stores in one go, slashing both product and international shipping expenses. Your purchases will be skillfully packaged and delivered right to your doorstep once they reach Pakistan.