PAKISTAN’S First & Largest DROP SHIPPING Platform.

In a single line, Bachao can be defined as Pakistan’s first & Largest B2B drop shipping platform.

Bachao serves online sellers, digital marketers, shopkeepers, wholesalers, and to-be entrepreneurs with product sourcing, product importing, custom clearance, product packaging, and end to end delivery to your final customer. Bachao even deposits cash to your account after delivery.

Launched in May 2021, Bachao sources from the best factories in the world at economical rates and imports the products on your behalf and provides you with end-to-end delivery. Every product is specially imported for you, so you don’t even need to worry about customs duties or shipping costs on your orders. Bachao has got you covered.

That’s why at Bachao, we say “Waqt Bachao – Paisay Kamao”

Buying from Bachao is safe since Bachao is 1st drop shipping platform in Pakistan that only allows world's best factory owners to sell on its platform. So, you can be sure that only carefully selected and handpicked sellers are selling on Bachao. Thus, quality is 100% guaranteed.

Bachao also ads hot products from Ali Express after careful selection. Bachao delivers all Ali Express products cheaper and faster than Ali Express.

Moreover, Bachao is creating financially independent Pakistanis. Being Pakistan’s first drop shipping platform, Bachao is launched with an aim to support the youth of the country with income opportunities. Drop Shipping is the next big thing in the world where people help promote and sell quality products to their community of friends, families, and customers.

Pakistan was deprived of a state-of-the-art drop shipping platform, where the masses could earn a decent livelihood without having any formal education or skills. Bachao is finally making it all possible.

No matter, if you are un-educated or you don’t possess a skill at all, or you are a man living in a metropolitan city of Pakistan or you are a woman in a far-flung area of the country, you can become a member of Bachao, get FREE training and start selling products with a profit that you aim for and at a price that you demand. Impressive! Isn’t it?

That’s not all.

Bachao is Pakistan’s foremost wholesale website too. When in a need of bulk buying, online sellers turn towards Bachao. Bachao has professional sourcing teams in major manufacturing hubs on the globe, thus providing you with the benefit of low-cost buying for your business. Bachao provides the cheapest bulk buying solutions through air freight and ocean freight. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, we know it.

Bachao is the brainchild of Imtinan Ahmad, who is on a mission to encourage & support Pakistani entrepreneurs and to be business owners to create a financially independent Pakistan. Imtinan Ahmad regularly talks about how to be an e-commerce entrepreneur, teaches thousands of students how to start their own business, and guides his followers on how to achieve success in business and life.

Simplify your business and your product sourcing and start earning online through Bachao! Join the revolution & create your FREE Account TODAY!

Waqt Bachao – Paisay Kamao