Daraz E-commerce Success

Level: Intermediate

Empower your retail journey with our Retail Daraz App Training Program. Uncover the secrets to success on the Daraz app, mastering product listings, customer interactions, and promotional strategies. Equip yourself with the skills to elevate your online store and capitalize on the vast opportunities within the Daraz marketplace

What you'll learn

The Daraz training program commences with an insightful ‘Introduction’, laying the groundwork for participants to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. Through ‘Starting Your Facebook Business From Scratch’, trainees learn to leverage social media for maximum impact. They delve into ‘Product identification’, mastering the art of spotting market trends. ‘Product research’ techniques equip them with valuable insights, while ‘product sourcing’ strategies ensure a diverse inventory. ‘Product listing’ skills are honed for optimal visibility on the platform. Understanding ‘cost centers’ becomes pivotal, ensuring profitability and sustainability in their Daraz ventures. This comprehensive program prepares aspiring entrepreneurs for success in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

Course Content