Retail Training Program

Level: Beginner

The Retail Training Program begins with an engaging introduction, setting the stage for participants to dive into the world of retail with enthusiasm. Emphasizing the principle of ‘Start Small’, trainees learn the importance of laying a solid foundation before expanding. Through ‘Product hunting’, they develop sharp eyes for sourcing quality merchandise. Crafting a compelling ‘sales pitch’ becomes second nature, as they master the art of persuasion. Financial management skills are honed, ensuring a firm grasp on budgets and expenses. ‘Creative Marketing’ techniques are explored, empowering trainees to think outside the box. With an eye on ‘scalability’, they envision growth strategies, poised for success in the dynamic retail landscape.

What you'll learn

In the retail training program, participants embark on an enlightening journey with a captivating ‘Introduction’. They grasp the mantra of ‘Start Small’, honing skills in ‘Product hunting’ and crafting persuasive ‘sales pitch’. Proficiency in ‘financial management’ ensures sound fiscal decisions while exploring ‘Creative Marketing’ strategies ignites innovation, all geared towards achieving ‘scalability’.

Course Content