Import Training Program

Level: Beginner

The Import Training Program demystifies the intricacies of global trade by delving into ‘How Import works’. Participants gain insight into navigating supply chains, understanding customs regulations, and optimizing logistics. ‘Production Capacity’ analysis aids in strategic sourcing decisions, ensuring timely delivery of goods. Trainees learn to identify ‘Cost Centers’, optimizing expenses while maintaining quality standards. Exploration of the ‘Wholesale, retail & Online Model’ equips them with versatile market strategies. Mastery of ‘Chargeable Weight’ principles streamlines shipping processes, minimizing costs. Understanding Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) is crucial, balancing inventory management with supplier relationships. Through this comprehensive program, participants emerge equipped to navigate the complexities of international trade with confidence.

What you'll learn

In the import training program, participants grasp the fundamentals of ‘How Import works’ and delve into ‘Production Capacity’ dynamics. They dissect ‘Cost Centers’, explore diverse market models like ‘Wholesale, retail & Online’, and master logistics essentials such as ‘Chargeable Weight’ and Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), ensuring adeptness in global trade intricacies.

Course Content