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By Air (Experimental Business Plan)

(Start small with low investment to see if you can sell well)

Single Pcs Price: Rs. 3,350
Min. Order by Air : 15

Total Procurement: Rs.50,250
You Save: Rs. 2,346 Per Piece
Your Profit: Rs. 35,190
Delivery 12 – 14 Days*
*Excluding Sourcing Time

By Sea (Bulk Order)

Single Pcs Price: Rs. 2,250
Min. Order : 100
Total Procurement: Rs. 225,000

You Save: Rs. 3,446 Per Piece
Your Profit: Rs. 344,600
Delivery 45 – 60 Days*
*Excluding Sourcing Time

Analysis for Bachao Customers: 

Since this is a unique design, so it can’t be compared with other double sandwich makers. This product would help you in launching food business on the go. In Pakistan, the snack market is growing rapidly. You may launch your business of selling sandwiches and scale the business with multiple outlets. At the same time, with this product, you can start selling this sandwich maker to other outlets and street food vendors. Current Price of this Product is Rs.5696

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.