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Cordless Electronic Counting Speed Jumping Rope

By Air (Experimental Business Plan)

(Start small with low investment to see if you can sell well)

Single Pcs Price: Rs. 1,160
Min. Order by Air :35

Total Procurement: Rs. 40,600
You Save: Rs. 590 Per Piece
Your Profit: Rs. 20,650
Delivery 12 – 14 Days*
*Excluding Sourcing Time

By Sea (Bulk Order)

Single Pcs Price: Rs. 799
Min. Order : 300
Total Procurement: Rs. 239,700

You Save: Rs.951 Per Piece
Your Profit: Rs. 285,300
Delivery 45 – 60 Days*
*Excluding Sourcing Time

Analysis for Bachao Members:

Everything sells well when it is sold through a strategy. Viral videos, product use by Andrew Tate, product explainer videos will work immensely for this product. Tiktok and Instagram are the platforms of choice for this low competition product. The price you should aim for ranges between Rs. 1,750 to Rs. 2,250.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Training Site: Waist, ARMS, Legs, Muscle Relax Apparatus, Waist & Abdomen Exercise, Head, Foot, BACK, Hand, Wrist, Hip, Chest, Core, Other
  • Model Number: SDR005
  • Function: With Electronic Counter
  • Material: Plastic
  • Type: Electronic Counting Skip Rope
  • Length: 2.8 m (Personal)
  • Department Name: Unisex
  • Type of sports: Cardio Training
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Place of Origin: Shandong China
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Customization: Yes
  • Smart Type: Sensor
  • Product name: Smart Jump Skipping Rope
  • Feature: Fast Speed
  • Usage: Speed Jump Training
  • Logo: Customized Logo Available
  • Packing: 1pcopp Bag
  • Keywords: Jumping Rope Skipping Rope Exercise Jump Rope

Cordless Electronic Jumping Rope Counting Speed Skipping Counter Gym Fitness Crossfit Skipping Smart Jump Rope with LCD Screen

Product Description:

1.The digital wireless jumping rope comes with a built in timer, calorie and jump counter and will help you to lose weight fast without the need
for skill or coordination.
2. The jump rope gives you all the calorie burning benefits of a traditional jump rope but without the hindrance of the rope.
3.The wireless skipping rope is great for professionals or homebodies
alike, looking for the most effective exercise method but who do not
want to swing a rope around their property and something.
4. The digital cordless skipping rope now gives you the freedom to continue with your favorite exercise routine.
5. Simple, space-saving, anywhere jump, do not go cold days and then moving in a small space can achieve your dream.

Material: PVC
Color: as shown
Size:18*3cm Cordless design, no tripping, save space