Launched in 2021, Bachao is the brainchild of Imtinan Ahmad who is on a mission to encourage & support Pakistani entrepreneurs and to be business owners to create a financially independent Pakistan.

Imtinan Ahmad is an international award-winning Entrepreneur who has built multiple 6 and 7-figures businesses for himself and his clients, not just in Rupees but in DOLLARS as well. In addition, Imtinan Ahmad is an Athalos Global Ambassador for UN’s SDGs, UN Polio Ambassador for Pakistan & a leading motivational speaker who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and is still giving back.

Imtinan Ahmad regularly talks about how to be an e-commerce entrepreneur, teaches thousands of students how to start their own business, and guides his followers on how to achieve success in business and life.

The lockdown during COVID 19 brought financial miseries to many families in Pakistan. To help the struggling families, Imtinan Ahmad started teaching students, sit-home professional men & women in Pakistan, how to earn online & start their businesses. He didn’t know at the time that his small gesture would have such a huge impact that soon. Thousands and thousands of people joined his learning program. Most of his students became financially independent, whilst many of them started earning in 6 & 7 figures on monthly basis.

Whilst his students were enjoying their success, some of his students who launched their e-commerce businesses reported him of a major roadblock. This bottleneck was product sourcing.

At the time Imtinan Ahmad taught his students e-commerce, Ali Express was widely used for product sourcing. His students reported that product deliveries from Ali Express are now taking much longer than expected. The majority of the students were getting deliveries after 4 months that is 120 days from the order date, making them unable to run their e-commerce businesses. Moreover, the products on Ali Express soon became expensive, thus eroding any profits the students could make. Also, on July 1, 2021, when Universal Postal Union closed down e-packet services, all deliveries to Pakistan were now further delayed; thus, the whole business model & profit paradigm could fail. 

Being a man with a vision, Imtinan Ahmad told his students not to lose heart and wait for him to redraw the whole model for them. After taking a month-long sabbatical, Imtinan Ahmad shared the happy news in March 2021 that all the problems will be solved if there is a direct international factory sourcing solution, which to date, is not existent in the world.

His students were reluctant that no one could make a system or a portal like that since it requires huge investments, vigor, international connections, and a lot of hard work. Moreover, no one has ever made a website like that. Imtinan’s students requested him if he can do it. In addition, Imtinan’s students even mentioned that a platform of this stature won’t be making any profits at all since it has to cover so many costs.

After taking some time to reflect & discussions with his team, Imtinan stated in his Facebook live session that this is an unprofitable difficult task, but only men with strong nerves can achieve something remarkable. He mentioned that since he took the oath of never letting his students fail and that he will always support them, it has to be him to launch this platform. Finally, Bachao. pk was launched on the 27th of Ramadan in 2021.

Bachao is the first market entrant in many things Pakistanis have been waiting for. It is Pakistan’s 1st Drop Shipping Platform, Pakistan’s 1st complete imports solution portal, and Pakistan’s 1st social commerce website.

Bachao is on a mission to make it super easy for every Pakistani to do business online by providing a one-stop sourcing solution.

Today more than 70,000 plus entrepreneurs are directly getting benefits from Bachao. pk’s services.

As a Business-to-Business platform of choice, Bachao continues to develop services to help entrepreneurs and business owners do more and discover new opportunities. Whether you are sourcing for your online store or selling in your local market, turn to Bachao.pk for all your business needs.

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